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Let's check it out.Whole body genetic testing~

Taipei genetic testing. Whole body genetic testing. Genetic testing in Taipei.
"Cancer Genetic Testing" is a topic that many people have talked about during this time. Why do you need to come to Taipei to find a medical genetic testing expert kao medical examiner?  Let's check it out.

MRT Nanjing Sanmin  Green Line

Exit 1  U-bike  San Min Road  Roundabout & Circle  1F., No.218, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd., 
Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105 

 It 's next to mcdonald 's & the post office is just across from our Lab. 

1. Wearing a condom before making love is to avoid pregnancy

2. Sexually transmitted diseases before sex are used to prevent sexually transmitted infections

3. Before investing in profit, understand the investment tools and the entry and exit mechanism for risk control.

※ The purpose of cancer genetic testing is to: accurately predict the incidence of disease.When you have not yet cancer, check your own cancer-related genetic abnormalities in advance, you can do some contingency measures, and you can also accurately target cancer in the early stage of cancer.

1. Why does the kao medical examiner recommend cancer gene testing?
Because the relatives of the kao medical examiner are medical staff who have retired from the medical center, and have experienced the hardship of postoperative recovery of cancer such as colorectal cancer and artificial anus, and even relatives are brain stem and stroke can not take care of themselves, we hereby understand the market price of genetic testing. And give advice on the inspections that are helpful and accurate for the general public. The general market price is about 20,000-100,000 or even 70-800,000. We use empathy, heart-to-heart, and empathy to serve more. I want to know the friends of genetic testing.

2. Do you have a genetic test?

For high-risk genetic defect project physicians and dietitians will provide appropriate dietary advice and genetically modified nutritional prescriptions, followed by recommendations for future directions for risk projects such as PET positron photography, LD-CT low-dose computerized tomography , MRI of early cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gynecological ultrasound sono, suggestions for other abnormal items

3. Career planning?

After the genetic testing, you can target your risky genetic defects.
a. Family (family is the most important, so put the first overall position, children and parents can give priority to the test)
b. Specialist Consultant (Healthy Patronus)
c. Taxation (medical planning and tax planning)
d. Career planner (signing career and other contracts, etc.)
e. Polytechnic (Fortune Risk Assessment)

Can assess future career planning and medical content, such as:
    1. Cancer >> Cancer gene detection risk is abnormal
    2. Long-term care>>Cerebrovascular disease stroke, dementia for the elderly
    3. Hospitalization >> metabolism, autoimmune disease

The benefits of high-end precision genetic testing:
1. Cost is close to the people, there are many genetic testing items, and the CP value is the highest.
2. Avoid sickness insurance
3. The team has a specialist / genetic nutritionist / nurse / medical examiner

The dangers of not doing genetic testing:
1. No physical health, no access to wealth
2. Should pay attention to but not pay attention, with sickness insurance, can not apply for claims
3. When you are sick, it causes the physical and mental damage of your family. The so-called one-stop action and the whole body consumes each other's time, spirit, money, and even health care.
Many people say that inspection is expensive, I think: it is expensive because the inspection accuracy is high and valuable.

How much do you think health is worth?
How much do you think family happiness is worth?
Kao medical examiner believes that it is absolutely priceless and cannot be compared with inspection fees.

Doing accurate cancer genetic testing early~ will allow you to prevent cancer early, protect your health, and enjoy happiness.
1. Metabolic related

Type 2 diabetes

2. Cardiovascular disease related

Coronary artery disease
Atrial fibrillation
Brain stroke

3. Neurological and skeletal degeneration related

Late-onset Alzheimer's disease
Parkinson's Disease
Degenerative arthritis

4. Gynecological and urinary tract system related

Uterine fibroids
Polycystic ovarian syndrome

5. Autoimmune related

Type 1 diabetes
Rheumatoid arthritis
Lupus erythematosus
Autoimmune thyroid disease
Ankylosing spondylitis

6. Hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal related
Primary cholestasis cirrhosis
Crohn's disease (inflammatory bowel disease)
Ulcerative colitis
Fatty liver
Cholelithiasis (intrahepatic stones, gallstones)
Peptic ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux
Colorectal polyposis
Great bowel syndrome

7. Eye aging related

Eye aging related
Macular lesion

8. Mental illness related

Bipolar disorder
Sympathetic disorder

9. Other comprehensive categories
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Prostate hypertrophy
Kidney stones
Maple diabetes
Premature aging

10. Cancer

Oral Cancer  
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Esophageal cancer
Lung cancer
Gastric cancer
Liver cancer
Colorectal cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Breast cancer
Ovarian cancer
Cervical cancer
Prostate cancer
Bladder Cancer   

a. Genetic testing is like fortune-telling. It can examine your future physical health. If the fortune tells you that you will have a bloody disaster in the future, it will be the same as the current year. What happens in your year, whether you are an official. Will you actively do prevention?

b. Think of fortune telling as genetic testing and understanding risk assessment. Everyone often says that physical fitness is good, genetic inheritance is good, and genetics are well-founded. Human genetic sequences are currently decrypted, and the rest is positive. prevention

c. In the future, a visit to Europe and the United States will be carried out with a personal gene card asking the physician to use genetic modification to achieve genetic repair.

d. The letter of the letter, the unbelievers, do not believe, how to use professional knowledge to promote the public to achieve the effect of preventive medicine, just like the fortune teller so much, who is right, who is not sure, when the gene is mutated, We don't know, but what we know is that the current personal genetic sequence will not change, and actively prevent the establishment of correct nutrition concepts. I think it is correct.

e. Ideas will affect your attitude, and attitude will affect your behavior, and finally behavior will change your life. Thanks to the organization of genetic testing materials, many people have asked and scheduled to check, and the number of people testing continues to increase.