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Vegetarian allergen testing was officially launched. Provides vegan, milk, egg white, and plant five-acid vegetarian allergens. The vegetarian allergen test report time is 7 working days.

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Vegetarian product labeling will be divided into five categories
1. "Vegetarian"
2. "Egg vegetarian"
3. "Milk vegetarian"
4. "Turkey Egg Vegetarian"
5. "Plant Wuxin Vegetarian"

The definition is as follows:
Vegan: Pure plant-based food that contains no milk eggs and does not contain Wuxin (shallot, garlic, Chives, buckwheat and Asafoetida).
Egg vegetarian: vegan and egg products.
Milk Vegetarian: vegan and
Milk products.
Milk Egg Vegetarian: vegan and
Milk egg products.
Plant Wuxin vegetarian: refers to the consumption of plant food, but can contain five Xin or milk eggs.
"Vegetarian", "egg", "milk" and "milk egg" do not contain plant Wuxin

Plant Wuxin includes five types of plants: "shallot, garlic, Chives, buckwheat and Asafoetida".

An example is as follows:
1.shallot: Contains Green onion, Red onion, Allium victorialis, Allium cepa var. aggregatum, Garlic chive.
2. Garlic: Contains Allium sativum, garlic seedlings.
3. Chives: Contains leek, leek sprout (s), chives flower.
4.buckwheat: Minnan dialect is called Allium bakeri
5.Asafoetida: It is an onion.

Differentiate vegetarian or foraging?

In the food process, animals that have been sacrificed or added animal ingredients are foraging.

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