Pre-marital health check mainly has 6 major spindles

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Physical health part 3000 NTD (Compared to the company's physical examination or general health check, to understand the current state of the body)

1. Blood routine and blood cell type examination
Blood problems are found by blood routine examination, bone marrow function is evaluated, it is helpful for clinical acute and chronic infection, judgment of viral diseases; it is helpful to know whether there is anemia and allergy; it is helpful for the diagnosis of bleeding diseases, etc.

2. Urine routine examination
Urine routine examination is of great significance for the diagnosis and treatment of urinary diseases. Urine sugar test is used as an indicator for diabetes screening and disease judgment. Can observe the abnormal performance of some systemic diseases. The urine sediment was observed under a microscope, and pathological components such as cells, casts, crystals, bacteria, and parasites were found, and the urinary system diseases were positioned, differentially diagnosed, and prognosis judged.

3. Hepatobiliary function test
Can understand liver and gallbladder function. ALT and AST are mainly present in the cells of liver, brain, brain and kidney. The greater the damage of liver cells, the higher the ALT and AST. Acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, alcoholic liver, cirrhosis, liver cancer and other diseases can cause elevated ALT and AST.

4. Renal function test
For uremia, renal function, renal function evaluation, determination of renal dysfunction and estimation of prognosis.

5. Gout check
Hand and foot joint pain

6. Diabetes check
Evaluate the dietary behavior of the previous day and the ability of total glucose on the day before insulin metabolism. Whether the glucose metabolism is normal in the fasting state of the human body, and whether the fasting blood glucose control in diabetic patients is up to standard. Fasting blood glucose is the most commonly used indicator for the diagnosis of glucose metabolism disorders and the most important indicator of pregnancy-induced diabetes. If the value exceeds 100mg/dl, it is recommended to add HbA1C glycated hemoglobin to understand the degree of abnormal glucose metabolism.

7. Blood fat check
Determination of serum lipid levels, increased or decreased blood fat has a great relationship with the formation of atherosclerosis. It is used to assess the fat metabolism rate of the subject.

8. Cholesterol check
Good or bad cholesterol has an absolute relationship with lifestyle and diet.

9. Arteriosclerosis index
The sclerosis index is positively correlated with stroke and cardiovascular disease risk.

10. Heart function check
Evaluation of myocarditis, myocardial infarction, important indicators of heart disease

11. Pancreatic function test
Assessment of acute and chronic pancreatitis, mumps and mumps indicators

12. Thyroid function test
Assessment of autoimmune endocrine genetic disease metabolic indicators

13. Viral hepatitis
Understand whether your body is infected with A/B/C hepatitis and whether it has antibodies against hepatitis

14. Electrolyte inspection
Understand whether the electrolyte of the body is in a state of balance, whether it is often cramped, tired and other important indicators

15. Trace element inspection
Understand whether the body's trace elements are insufficient or excessive to cause chronic allergies or gastrointestinal disorders, such as zinc and magnesium

16. Blood type test
Know if you are being kidnapped and whether the blood type of future children matches your own

17. Gastrointestinal function test
Learn about gastrointestinal digestion and bacterial infection in the stomach / gastritis / 12-intestinal ulcer / fart excessive / shoulder neck / throat kaka

18. Waist circumference reduction test
An important indicator for assessing subcutaneous fat and visceral fat

19. Blood pressure testing
Analyze body vascular tone by systolic/diastolic/heartbeat and assess important indicators of cardiovascular metabolism

20. Autoimmune examination
Understanding the important indicators of autoimmune diseases such as genetic diseases and rheumatoid and lupus erythematosus by cell type

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Infectious disease part 4000NTD

Can be done alone, but pay attention to the empty window period

Men who have sexual consumption habits are advised to do it first, including going to an improper place (hotel/nightclub/massage shop/stealing/continental foot washing/sauna/foreign business trip)
(Compared to the screening of sexually transmitted diseases, a kind of trust in each other is also a key test for BABY and must be done before marriage)
 (I personally think this is the most important part of the marriage)

1. AIDS 500NTD
(This kind of horrible thing does not need me to say more, can only control the virus, it is recommended to open the abdomen to birth the fetus, there is no antidote at present)

2. Syphilis 500NTD (control by an antibiotic)

3. Chlamydia 500NTD (one of the main reasons for infertility, because usually no symptoms after infection, often cause male urinary tract infection, bacterial mastitis, fallopian tube obstruction, egg can not come out, repeatedly ovulation needle It costs no more than a few hundred thousand)

4. Herpes 700NTD (unknown rash on the body red sore)

5. Cauliflower 1200NTD (small BABY if the mother is infected with cauliflower, the natural consequences will be quite serious. For example, the oral cavity/trachea is caused by HPV infection through amniotic fluid, which is very difficult to treat. It is a test that gynecology attaches great importance to)

6. gonococcus 1000NTD (male symptoms are more obvious, the first urinary pain in the morning is particularly painful, girls are less obvious, sometimes there will be frequent urination, backache, fever, secretion, yellow-green)

7. Cytomegalovirus 500NTD
Mother's infection with this virus during pregnancy can cause hearing loss and mental damage in newborns.

8.Bow worm 500NTD
Mothers infected with this insect during pregnancy can cause vision, hearing impairment, or learning and development, miscarriage, water brain, eye iritis, mental retardation, etc.

9. Streptococcus type B 500 NTD
Mother will cause heart meningitis during pregnancy, premature delivery, postpartum endometritis

10. Other sexually transmitted infections
All the above tests are normal but it is recommended to detect when the clinical symptoms do not match.
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Genetic disease part 2500NTD

(Assess whether the body now has antibody protection or enzyme deficiency and whether it is necessary to vaccinate to prevent complications during and after birth)

1. Broad bean disease check
What are the symptoms of G-6-PD deficiency?
When some specific oxidizing substances invade the body, if the red blood cells are destroyed, hemolysis will occur. At this time, the patient will have a pale complexion, tiredness, poor appetite, jaundice (whitening of the eyes and white skin), and brown urine. In severe cases, you may become unconscious or even life-threatening. Children with this disease are more likely to have severe neonatal jaundice in the neonatal period than in normal newborns.

2. Chickenpox inspection
Pregnant women are infected with varicella virus during pregnancy, and the possible complications are (pneumonia, premature birth, miscarriage). If you contract chickenpox in the early and middle stages of pregnancy, you may give birth to a baby with congenital varicella syndrome. If a pregnant woman develops a varicella rash within 5 days of production or 2 days after birth, it may result in a very high mortality rate (neonatal varicella).

3. Measles check
When pregnant women are infected with German measles within 3 months after pregnancy, infection through the placenta can cause serious problems, including abortion, cataract, heart defects, deafness, encephalitis, hepatitis, mental retardation, pulmonary valve Stenosis, long bone density is insufficient, retinopathy, so before the marriage, one year before pregnancy, you should first check Rubella IgG and confirm that you have enough antibodies and immunity.

4. Thalassemia check
If a mother has thalassemia, her father must take blood tests to avoid a one-fourth chance of giving birth to severe maritime anemia. The blood cells are relatively small. People are more likely to get tired, dizzy, feel no air, and the air is not circulating. a feeling of

5. German measles check
Pregnant women infected with German measles virus can cause fetal death, abortion or fetal organ damage, there may be a single symptom or a combination of symptoms, including deafness, cataract, small eye, cerebellum, mental retardation, open arteries Catheter, atrial or ventricular valve defect, congenital glaucoma, purpura, splenomegaly, jaundice, meningoencephalitis, etc.

Pre-marriage four. Cancer screening

Online booking for single organ screening costs 500 NTD

Online appointment key screening 10 items Total 3000 NTD

Testing for common cancer types and high prevalence rates in Taiwan. The company also provides one re-examination service within 3 months for the abnormal index. In conjunction with government policies, there is no additional service charge for the screening of fecal colorectal cancer hemorrhage.

Online booking full test 8000 NTD

(Female endometriosis and male testicular pills are particularly important. If there is a high cancer index, further cancer risk assessment and imaging medical diagnosis are performed to assess whether further pregnancy is expected. Of course, I hope that I can give birth to a healthy baby.)

Early localization was primarily associated with secondary tumor markers. Synchronous detection of possible locations and locations of inflammation. The company also provides B re-examination services within 3 months for those with abnormal indexes. In conjunction with government policies, there is no additional service charge for the screening of fecal colorectal cancer hemorrhage.

Check item Main marker position Secondary related location
1 P.S.A Men Prostate cancer Prostate, enlarged prostate
2 Free Beta-HCG Testicular cancer Vice pill
3 CA-125 Female Ovarian cancer Endometriosis, pancreas, liver, stomach, breast cancer
4 CA-153 Breast cancer Other glandular cancer
5 Beta-HCG Choriocarcinoma Ovarian cancer, endometriosis (when women are not pregnant)
6 AFP Liver cancer Cirrhosis
7 CEA Colorectal cancer Pancreas, small intestine, stomach, breast cancer, lung cancer
8 Anti-EBV-IgA Nasopharyngeal carcinoma Sinusitis, allergic or acute rhinitis
9 CA-19-9 Pancreatic cancer Biliary tract, liver, large intestine rectum, stomach cancer, gynecology
10 NSE Neuroblastoma Lung cell
11 S.C.C Cervical cancer Oral, esophageal, lung squamous cell carcinoma
12 Cyfra 21-1 Non-small cell lung cancer Squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma
13 CA 72-4 Gastric cancer Ovary, pancreas, breast cancer, thyroid, lung cancer
14 TPA Bladder Cancer Breast, digestive tract, lung, ovary, pancreatic cancer
15 B2-Microglobulin Kidney cancer Bone marrow cancer, lymphoma
16 Calcitonin Parathyroid cancer, thyroid cancer Osteoporosis
17 Thyroglobulin Thyroid differentiation carcinoma Osteoporosis
18 Ferritin leukemia Blood cancer, iron deficiency anemia
19 BAP Cancer bone metastasis Osteogenesis imperfecta, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis

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Fertility checkIt’s absolutely super important, we must do the inspection project.

Unless you can’t get it out, you can do it.

(Evaluate the ability of the husband's sperm, whether the number can break through the encirclement, increase the ability to report to the country and pregnancy. Also assess the wife's ovarian function, egg inventory, and pregnancy rate, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, of course, of course People who give birth earlier have a chance and the quality is better. Otherwise, they should hurry to freeze the eggs or freeze the sperm and find time to bring the small BABY out to meet you.)

Male: 3000NTD
Semen examination
2. Semen culture
3. sperm antibody
4. Testosterone
5. Nutrition elements

Female: 3000NTD
1. Egg stocks commonly known as AMH anti-Mulberry hormones
2. Ovarian function
3. sperm antibody
4. Female hormones
5. Secretion culture (fallopian tube obstruction assessment)

Marriage check 6. Self-examination

1. Whether to maintain a good mood, do a good job before birth, during childbirth, after childbirth
2. Whether to maintain good living habits, such as quitting smoking, abstaining from alcohol, detoxification, staying up late
3. Whether the diet is nutritionally balanced, and now the nutrition is not balanced. At that time, one person needs to make up for it.
4. Whether the exercise is sufficient, regular exercise habits will help improve the quality of sperm and eggs.
5. Do you ask elders or medical professionals for places you don't understand?

Marriage inspection 7. Fertility and infertility related nutrient examination

Kao medical examiner and kao dietitian suggest that if you want to improve the quality of sperm, you can detect the function of gonads through the following blood and sperm extraction.

1.Vit-A: The lower the Vit-A index, the less likely it is to be pregnant, and the other is absolutely related to hair loss.

2.Vit-D: The lower the Vit-D index, the less likely it is to become pregnant.

3.Vit-E: Vit-E tocopherol (phenol), also known as fertility nutrient, a fat-soluble vitamin, the index is positively correlated with pregnancy probability

4.Co-Q10: Reproductive system and abnormal heart system are prone to lack of Co-Q10

5. Zinc element: key trace elements, the infertility group is easy to be low by the high inspector

6.Li lithium element: personality is easy to be nervous, can not be opened, anti-prepare, abnormal brain wave, infertility common index is weak

7.Cu copper element: More and more evidence shows that there is a significant relationship between abnormal copper elements and infertile groups.

8. Sperm cell variant pattern and pH analysis: double-headed fine package, sperm apoptosis
Sperm activity will be weakened in acidic and high temperature environments. If the pH value is lowered, it may be caused by chronic inflammation. When the pH value is lower than 6, it will cause the sperm to die. The microscope view shows me).
The semen is alkaline, while the inside of the female genitalia is acidic, so when the semen enters the interior of the woman, it is neutralized.

Cost 5000NTD
Report 2 weeks
No fasting

Online appointment for marriage inspection 7.

Congratulations on all of the above, you can do pre-marital checkup and pre-fertility assessment!!