Physician introduction

Medical technologist-kao Mingxun (middle)

Experience: Minsheng Community-Service for more than 35 years


Medical technologist-kao Yukai
(kao Medical technologist) (right)

Academic experience:

National Taiwan University-Master of Management

Taipei Medical University

Tri-Service General Hospital-Clinical Pathology + Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital-Nutrition Therapy

HACCP food hygiene and safety control personnel + Chinese cooking chef

New Taipei City Government Health Bureau-Before and after AIDS screening-Certificate of education and training

Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare certification hours and course test certification


1. The shortest window period-systemic venereal disease examination

2. Systemic allergen testing

3. Early cancer gene confirmation

4. By industry-rapid medical examination

5. Budget-oriented-check strategy-organization planning

6.Physical examination strategy planning, disease nutrition attack and defense, diet strategy execution,
Review tracking discussion

   ※ Physical examination before and after communication and divorce

   ※ Whole body examination of STD infection

   ※ Exquisite drug addiction detoxification check

   ※ Inability to get pregnant

   ※ Free hair transplant and hair loss full inspection

   ※ Long-term cough does not heal

   ※ Long-term treatment of whole body does not heal

   ※ Full budget physical examination


Radiologist-Kao Yuxin (left)


Health Food Engineer

Taipei Veterans General Hospital + Taichung Veterans General Hospital- Radiology + Tri-Service General Hospital- Nutrition Department

Graduated from Taipei Medical University + Master of Public Health Nutrition + Nutritionist-college entrance examination


engaged by special arrangement: family medical specialist

engaged by special arrangement: Internal Medicine Specialist-Tokyo Medical University-Doctor of Medicine

engaged by special arrangement: Pediatric specialist-UCLA, USA-Doctor of Medicine

engaged by special arrangement: Dermatologist-Yangming Medical University-Distinguished Professor

engaged by special arrangement: specialist in otolaryngology

engaged by special arrangement: National Taiwan University-Specialist in Cardiology

engaged by special arrangement: National Taiwan University-Thoracic Specialist

engaged by special arrangement: Radiologist

engaged by special arrangement: Taiwan University, Yangming University-rehabilitation specialist

engaged by special arrangement: Chinese medicine specialist

engaged by special arrangement: psychiatrist