Liver Function Inspection

Hepatitis ABC & Liver Funtion Examination

Taipei Hepatitis ABC & Liver Funtion Examination. Welcome to taiwan.
HAV-IgG (Hepatitis A Antibody): Try to find out if you have protection against hepatitis A virus. Many young people have no antibodies, if there is no antibody advice, you can go to the vaccine 

HAV-IgM: Try to find out if there is an infection with the hepatitis A virus. The infection is transmitted through the mouth/feces via unclean food and water or saliva. The body may have vomiting or diarrhea, and the food service industry must pay attention to 
500NTD ← Appointment

HBsAg: Try to know if there is hepatitis B virus. The infection is through the blood and body fluids through the skin or mucous membranes, such as mother-child transmission, other blood transfusions, injections, hemodialysis, acupuncture, piercings, tattoos. (Tattoos), shared toothbrushes, and shared razors may all be the means of transmission of hepatitis B. 
250NTD ←Order

Anti-HBs: Try to find out if the body produces antibodies that are protective against hepatitis B virus,
Children or older friends should remember to track after hitting antibodies. 
300NTD ← Appointment

HBeAg: Try to understand whether the hepatitis B virus in the body is infectious   500 NTD

Anti-HBc: Try to find out if you have been infected with hepatitis B virus   500 NTD

HBV-DNA-PCR exposure for more than 1-2 months can shorten the early detection of hepatitis B virus in the early window period and assess the amount of virus and the standard of medication.
Provides hepatitis B free antigen tracking 1 service for 3 months. 2000 NTD

HBV gene analysis detected six common subtypes, subtype B treatment is better, subtype C is more likely to form chronic hepatitis> cirrhosis> liver cancer 3000 NTD

Anti-drug analysis of HBV DNA virus Evaluate whether common drugs such as berkec/hegan (Efficient)/Whelito/Xibifu are resistant to 5000 NTD

Anti-HCV: Try to find out if you are infected with hepatitis C virus 500 NTD← Appointment

HCV-RT PCR exposure for more than 1-2 weeks can shorten the early detection of empty window period, whether it is infected with hepatitis C virus, can understand the amount of virus and assess the standard of medication
Provide C-type hepatitis free antibody tracking 1 service for 3-6 months 3000 NTD

HCV gene analysis detection of 6 gene subtypes If subtype 1b is more likely to form cirrhosis and induce liver cancer 4000 NTD

Haptoglobin Hepatic globulin is used in fatty liver. Acute and chronic hepatitis. Cirrhosis and biliary obstruction or splenomegaly. 500 NTD

Ammonia Ammonia Learn about the protein metabolism and detoxification ability of the liver. It is related to dizziness and brain coma. 500 NTD

AFP A-type fetal protein Chronic hepatitis and liver cancer screening 500 NTD

AST Liver Index : Assessing Liver Metabolism 100 NTD
ALT Liver Index: Assessing liver detoxification ability Drug liver Alcohol liver Fatty liver Viral hepatitis 100 NTD
r-GT Alcoholic liver 100 NTD
T-Bilirubin Total bilirubin : related to sleep and cholestasis 100 NTD
T-G Tri-acid liver fat: Indirect assessment of fatty liver level To be measured on an empty stomach for 8 hours 150 NTD
Waist women <80 cm Boys <90 cm Indirectly assess the degree of fatty liver
Liver puncture and hepatic ultrasound are performed at the doctor's advice.