Modern people often call themselves stressed

Modern people often call themselves stressed! Many people use various channels to relieve or release their own pressure, such as Some people will sit still, some people will exercise, some people will hand baking, but some people will go through an affair! ? And there are still a lot of people who choose to do so, incredible?

Actually, do you know? After the affair, the pressure may seem to be a little bit relieved at a time, because at that time you are enjoying the joy of the present body and mind, but as time goes by and the reality of life, with the love between men and women Entanglement, willingness differences, perhaps, another pressure is quietly formed, because the situation is getting out of control, the degree of out of control is so great that you can't imagine, can't stand it!

Because of this feeling, the most difficult problem in the world,
No one wants to be deceived, isn't it?
No one wants to have a third person in their own feelings, isn't it?
So if you are not sincere, don't bother! Unless you are single,
~ ~ The road to affair is definitely a bad road, a bad road is not feasible!

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[Example] Husband’s affair, the wife’s diagnosis of cauliflower
Minsheng Medical Laboratory: kao Medical Technologist,
For the last point of the lameness sign (note), share a case, when a woman went to the outpatient clinic to screen for sexually transmitted diseases, after confirming the cauliflower, she accidentally revealed that her boyfriend betrayed herself for sex during the interaction, so she was infected. After the two people broke up and went to the hospital again, they were surprised that the cauliflower had grown over the cervix. Therefore, the other half of the temperament can not be prevented.

In addition, in addition to the clues of lameness in life, mobile communication software is now very convenient. If you find that the other half likes to download app about sex, suspicious contact names, messages are emptied, etc., it may be an indication of an affair.

[Note] What is cauliflower? (kao Medical Technologist)

What is: human papillomavirus. Condyloma acuminata. cauliflower. HPV?
HPV is a virus that is transmitted through direct skin contact or sexual intercourse. Up to now, there are about 200 types of known HPVs. HPV that causes hand and foot infections is different from HPV infected by the larynx or genital area. About 40 types of HPV can infect male and female reproductive organs. At least 15 types can be classified as "high risk" because HPV can cause cervical cancer and other less common cancers such as vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, penile cancer and anal cancer.
The data show that 90% of cervical cancers are associated with HPV virus.

[Affair indication review]
● Everything about life, including you, work, and children, is lacking.
● There is an urge to pursue stimuli or danger.
● You have fewer intimate moves (such as kissing and hugging).
● Sexual life almost does not exist, or suddenly there are many novel patterns or props.
● The other half has low self-esteem.
● No matter what you say, the other half will not be jealous or jealous.
● The other half is confused about self-identity.
● The other half is lazy, negative, and more picky.
● Start fling out hard words or violence.
● You can't communicate well.
● When you mention "infidelity," the other half responds a lot or is very prepared.
● The other half of the working hours is extended.
● Suddenly began to care about wearing or appearance.
● Suspicious expenses and bill receipts appear.
● Clothes have strange perfume and lipstick prints.
● Indifferent to family activities or spouse birthdays.
● Like to go missing.
● Often quarreling for money.
● No longer willing to accompany you to where you want to go.
● The other half no longer says "I love you."
● Found that you have a sexually transmitted disease. (Note)
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