STD abortion check

Repeated miscarriage and infertility are no longer a matter of chance, nor are they poor physical conditions.

But it has sexually transmitted infections or autoimmune diseases.

As long as the male Acrosome is strong enough,
It will not be covered by sexually infected substances or diluted by sexually transmitted diseases, and will have the opportunity to penetrate the egg and bind it to the proper environment.

As a man, I think it is necessary to spend this money to confirm the health of my wife.

The task of the old man is over, and then your health is handed over to kao Medical Technologist.

Habitual abortion

2. Embryo atrophy

3. Unexplained premature birth

4. Fetal uterine growth retardation

5. Preeclampsia & HELLP Syndrome

6. Hormonal disorders

7. Insufficient placental perfusion

8. Chromosomes abnormal

9. Uterine structural abnormalities

10. Vaginal, uterus, ovary, pelvic cavity, fallopian tube infection

Physicians, kao Medical Technologist, kao nutritionists recommend testing items as follows:

1. Lupus anti-coagulant antibody

2.anti-cardiolipin igg igm

3. anti-B2-glycoprotein-1 igg-igm

4. Other autoimmune diseases

5. Other infection problems

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